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Aqua Acoustic

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The new Formula xHD Rev. 2The Optologic R2R conversion system

aqua believes that the more musical D/A conversion system is based on the circuit usually identified as "resistor ladder".
This technology has been substituted in the mass-market by the so-called sigma-delta converters.
The sigma-delta converter is a near-completely digital circuit and for this reason it can be can be integrated on silicon and produced at low-cost.
A quality resistor ladder DAC instead uses a circuit based on a set of ...
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the new Optologic Conversion System• High performance proprietary FPGA-based digital decoding without digital filter

• Galvanic and magnetic isolations between the FPGA and R2R ladder converter

• Discrete R2R ladder DACs with low noise precision resistors

• Jitter free digital interface AQlink (I2S protocol), uncompromising digital connection to La Diva cd transport

• Zero S/PDIF Jitter design, digital receiver stage PLL (phase locked loop) technology

• High-performance AQ Discrete Regul...
2 722 000 Ft
Our "Network Interface"

The new LinQ was created following a precise idea.
Fast and standard technical solutions do not belong to the aqua philosophy.
aqua has developed an extremely streamlined long-life platform and network bridge modules focused on audio playback functions.
We prefer to use know-how developed in-house, for a number of reasons in respect the aqua SQ standards.
This has required a considerable effort in terms of time and resources, but the result is immediately evident on first u...
2 325 000 Ft
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