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2-way stand-mounted loudspeaker
The BØRRESEN 01 speaker, with its unique ribbon tweeter and the innovative membrane of the low-weight bass/mid-range driver, guarantees a transparent and authentic musical performance projected onto a live stage. The artistic design of the cabinet and the stand turn this loudspeaker into a perfect amalgamation of outstanding musicality shaped into a piece of art.
11 583 000 Ft
2½-way floor-standing loudspeaker
The BØRRESEN 02 speaker opens up a new quality of high-end audio resolution. It reproduces the tonality of the individual timbre of any instrument as well as the vocal range of a singer with an unprecedented authenticity that imbues any music with a captivating quality.
16 458 000 Ft
The BØRRESEN 03 speaker is equipped with enormous driver power and dynamics. The speaker resolves even the most fragile details from any audio source. The driving power in the lower bass segment, along with an easygoing punch, provide a unique sound stage liveliness.
23 205 000 Ft
The BØRRESEN 05 speaker is the absolute loudspeaker flagship version that delivers the ultimate of BØRRESEN’s audio loudspeaker technology - an outstanding musical refinement of an authentic soundstage. Music that is unrivalled in its purity and precision, unprecedented in its pristine clarity and laser-sharp punch.
39 000 000 Ft
A revolution in quality, performance and price
Børresen has developed a new entry-level speaker at an affordable price, making the Børresen speaker universe accessible to even more people. The Børresen X3 loudspeaker has been designed on the solid foundation of Børresen Acoustics’ development traditions, design philosophy and technological know-how.
Technologies and Components

The Børresen X series loudspeakers are not only a new entry-level into the Børresen universe, but also represents...
4 300 000 Ft
The BØRRESEN Z1 speaker amazes - despite its compact size - with its ability to create a three dimensional soundstage that makes even most subtle musical details become transparent. With its uncompromising musicality and its high-resolution capacity, the Z1 provides an excellent authentic listening experience.

BØRRESEN Z1 edition:
3 900 000 Ft
The floor-standing BØRRESEN Z2 speaker unfolds its balanced and refined musicality with a remarkable natural ease. A clear and undistorted dynamic sound performance reaching from the upper pitches to the lower bass impart any music with an unprecedented authenticity.
6 240 000 Ft
The BØRRESEN Z3 speaker has two 8” bass drivers, which are both located closer to the room floor and therefore, acoustically much better integrated into the room. The enhanced dynamic and deep bass range creates an outstanding musical transparency punctuated by a rock solid bass.
8 970 000 Ft
The BØRRESEN Z5 speaker is the top end loudspeaker of the Z-series and guarantees unsurpassed clarity, detailed subtlety, and unadulterated purity in its musical performance. This speaker opens up a new dimension of authentic sound experience of high-end music with amazing dynamics, natural lightness, and emotional passion.
15 600 000 Ft
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