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Spacious presentation of a pristine sound
The Ansuz Digitalz A2 digital cable is fitted with Ansuz’s noise reduction technology. Double inverted helix coils radically reduce the sonic noise effects of induction and provide more energy to the music presented on a more expanded and holistic soundstage.
585 000 Ft
Organic purity on a natural soundstage
The Ansuz Digitalz C2 digital cable features Ansuz’s anti arial resonance coil technology which eliminates unwanted noise caused by the antenna effects of cables. The audible benefit is greater clarity and a resolution that allows even very subtle details of the music to fully unfold. Along with Ansuz DIHC technology, the soundstage of this cable is more transparent and bristles with dynamics and power.
975 000 Ft
World-class performer in signal transmission
The Ansuz Digitalz D-TC Supreme is the ultimate digital cable. Equipped with Ansuz most sophisticated and most advanced noise reduction and resonance control this cable is a world-class, top-of-the-line signal cable. Ultra-fine, authentic and natural resolution of the entire sound spectrum from the very high pitch to the deepest bass opens up a new dimension of musicality and creates a jaw-dropping holistic soundstage that defies any further descrip...
5 616 000 Ft
Reflects the finest sonic details
The Ansuz Digitalz D-TC2 digital cable is fitted with Ansuz’s exclusive, high-performance technologies. Equipped with all these high-end audio technologies, this cable creates a natural and balanced holistic soundstage with an amazing black background. A refined sonic authenticity that unfolds even the finest, most subtle details throughout the entire sonic sound spectrum.
4 212 000 Ft
Breathtaking musical precision
The Ansuz Digitalz D2 digital cable is equipped with Ansuz’s double inverted helix coils and features a more sophisticated version of the anti arial resonance coils. This ideal combination of audio technologies teases out the full sound potential of your audio system. The resulting sound is even more refined, more spacious and truly amazing.
2 808 000 Ft
Unleash the sonic potential
The Ansuz Digitalz P2 digital cable adds an even more refined musicality to the soundstage. Bass, midrange and trebles are faster and more precise. A soundstage completely unadulterated by the individual audio system, with instruments and voices that sound warm, natural and balanced.
351 000 Ft
More than a pure signal
The Ansuz Digitalz X2 digital cable opens the gateway to an absolutely new sound quality that is characteristic of the entire Ansuz series of high-end power cables. Enjoy this much more natural sound of your favorite music.
117 000 Ft
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