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Soulnote M-3 monoblokk végerősítő
Újonnan beépített ipari minőségű, dobozos kimeneti tranzisztorok a tökéletes, nem negatív visszacsatolású, single push-pull structure. Monoblokkos végerősítő, amely lehetővé teszi, hogy a csúcskategóriás hangszórók a világ minden táján élvezetes lejátszást nyújtsanak.
Egyetlen push-pull végfokozat 4 fokozatú Darlington can-típusú tranzisztorokkal
Úgy döntöttünk, hogy az egyvégű és az egyszeri push-pull kimenet nélkülözhetetl...
7 699 000 Ft
Powerful, warm and detailed
The Aavik I-180 integrated amplifier is a surprising provider of a huge dynamic soundstage with lots of power ressources securing an excessive ease to make all loudspeakers perform at their best.
2 340 000 Ft
Powerful with a huge dynamic headroom
The Aavik I-280 integrated amplifier is providing an unbelievable almost limitless soundstage and with plenty of power ressources. The performer is very much present in the room.
3 900 000 Ft
Powerful with a maximum of musicality
The Aavik I-580 integrated amplifier provides unprecedented dynamic speed, tight control and balanced stability, which creates persuative and crystal-clear soundstage images that reflects the finest sonic details.
7 800 000 Ft
It’s a compact beauty and beast who loves to perform and show its raw talent to the audience​

The Int One is built upon the same topology as the Pre and Power, fully descrete balanced modules with zero global feedback and assembled with building blocks that make future upgrades or replacements affordable and easy to do.

The chassis is milled out of one piece of aluminum and finished up with powder coat paint.
3 630 000 Ft
Defined control with delicate tonality

The Alluxity Mono One’s are a compact solution for the audiophiles that cares for simplicity in both sound and design. They offer mellow and soothing storytelling without compromising the rawness needed to display the whole spectrum of moods and emotions. They allow the audience the sink back, synchronize, harmonize and integrate themselves with the music that fills the room.

The Mono One’s were designed as a compact but more powerful and defined s...
7 850 000 Ft
The Power ONE is based on the same modules as the PRE ONE, but obviously tweaked to fit into a power amplifier.

Its balanced design, no parallel output devices and zero global feedback, gives a musical performance rarely heard in solid-state designs. This is achieved without compromising full resolution, dynamics and extreme power handling.

Do not be fooled by its small size, the Power ONE is a very powerful amplifier and it will drivepretty much anything in even in large listeningrooms.
3 999 000 Ft
The PRE ONE is your typical preamplifier, simplified to take ease of usage to a new level.

With its standardised two gain stages pr. Channel and it’s no nonsense relay volume as simple as it gets, which takes its performance amongst the best in the world.

The topologies of the modules are balanced with zero global feedback. This prevents even minor phase errors and low noise levels. As the modules are easy to exchange, future upgrades are not only easy, but also cheap compared to exchangin...
2 735 000 Ft
We proudly present the first product from our new 30th Anniversary – Master Collection range – a state of the art line preamplifier with an outboard power supply unit. We believe this product truly is our “state of the art statement” as every aspect of it reflects 30 years of our knowledge, experience and learning about design and manufacturing execution of uncompromised high-end audio instruments. Our choice of very best passive and active components is a result of endless subjective evaluat...
12 199 000 Ft
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