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Digitális Lejátszók,DAC,Streamer

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Analog, warm and detailed
The D-180 DAC is handling the enormous amount of information contained in the digital source to a natural, warm yet detailed soundstage.
2 400 000 Ft
Analog with a huge dynamic headroom
The D-280 DAC is handling the digital information to a dynamic and huge soundstage with no loss of musical details and with plenty of space to separate each instrument and voice.
4 000 000 Ft
Analog with a maximum of musicality
The D-580 DAC is a master in converting all the digital data without any loss into a dynamic scale of music that project even the tiniest musical details onto a remarkable larger sound stage with an extremely quiet background
8 000 000 Ft
Natural, warm and detailed
The Aavik S-180 streamer provides an audiophile dimension with a dynamic musicality and a natural sound stage.
2 340 000 Ft
Natural with a huge dynamic headroom
The Aavik S-280 streamer is providing an audiophile performance with a huge, detailed soundstage
and with a natural analog signature.
3 900 000 Ft
Natural with a maximum of musicality
The Aavik S-580 streamer is a true audiophile product providing a dynamic musicality and a huge natural sound stage that features an unprecedented clarity and precision.
7 800 000 Ft
The new Formula xHD Rev. 2The Optologic R2R conversion system

aqua believes that the more musical D/A conversion system is based on the circuit usually identified as "resistor ladder".
This technology has been substituted in the mass-market by the so-called sigma-delta converters.
The sigma-delta converter is a near-completely digital circuit and for this reason it can be can be integrated on silicon and produced at low-cost.
A quality resistor ladder DAC instead uses a circuit based on a set of ...
5 844 000 Ft
The new generation La Diva

Aqua has never followed the whims of market fashion but has always remained focused on achieving true high fidelity sound reproduction.

La Diva M2​ | pure-CD machine

The new generation La Diva is a machine that while maintaining the previous name is completely new, both in regards to the CD mechanic and all the internal electronics, power supply, FPGA decoding, clock, floating digital output circuitry, display, etc., entirely a new design.

This was necessary to increa...
3 490 000 Ft
the new Optologic Conversion System• High performance proprietary FPGA-based digital decoding without digital filter

• Galvanic and magnetic isolations between the FPGA and R2R ladder converter

• Discrete R2R ladder DACs with low noise precision resistors

• Jitter free digital interface AQlink (I2S protocol), uncompromising digital connection to La Diva cd transport

• Zero S/PDIF Jitter design, digital receiver stage PLL (phase locked loop) technology

• High-performance AQ Discrete Regul...
2 910 000 Ft
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