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Ansuz Sortz
Ansuz Sortz
265 200 Ft

Ansuz Sortz

Ansuz Sortz
Effective Noise reduction by employing Ansuz technologies
Unfortunately, the open input and output sockets in HIFI electronic equipment are an inexhaustible source of unwanted, interfering noise. These sockets act like antennas for airborne radio frequency noise. This noise is picked up from the ground connection of any audio component (amplifier, etc.). Thus, the ground connection is one of the most critical sources for disturbing noise. Since all audio components are interconnected via their ground connection – this noise is bleeding into all the other audio components. Ansuz Sortz have integrated two critical technologies – The Tesla coil technology which reduces the ability of any audio component to pick up disturbing noise, and the Anti Aerial resonance coil technology which significantly reduces the actual noise level.

Ansuz Anti Aerial Resonance Coil technology - AARC
The open sockets act like an antenna that picks up noise. Ansuz Sortz are equipped with the Anti-Aerial technology to drastically reduce exactly this sound interference. The principle of this technology is to ensure that the signal path has no final length, so that it can no longer act like an antenna. This prevents airborne RF/ EMI (radio frequency radiation /electromagnetic interference) noise from being absorbed in the circuitry and then bleeding into the audio system as annoying ‘white noise‘.

Ansuz Tesla Coil technology - TC
Ansuz Tesla coils are constructed as double inverted coils. So, when these dual coils encounter a voltage spike, a counter-spike is developed in the counter-wound section of these coils to eliminate the disturbing voltage spike.
265 200 Ft
Dimensions, Øxl:
13,0×69,5 mm
0,51×2,74 Inches
Length is measured as length of the housing
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