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Ansuz Darkz C2T Adjustable
Ansuz Darkz C2T Adjustable
124 800 Ft

Ansuz Darkz C2T Adjustable

Ansuz Darkz C2T Adjustable
Excellent vibration control
The resonance control of the Darkz C2T provides musicality, energy, and dynamics. Vibrations are absorbed but the sound quality remains natural and unaltered.
124 800 Ft
Technologies and Components
Level the surface and preserve.
Ansuz Darkz adjustable resonance control devices are a supplement to Ansuz Darkz resonance control and are used when the surface is uneven, for instance the floor. It is crucial that the audio devices are relieved with an even load on every Ansuz Darkz resonance control device.
Ansuz Darkz adjustable absorb vibrations that are not directly related to the signal path. The absorption results in an audible vibration feedback, which affects the sound quality. It is the natural and authentic sound that Ansuz Darkz devices are designed to preserve.
Dimensions, Øxh:
44,5×23,8+0-10 mm
1,75×0,94 Inches+0-0,39
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