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Ansuz PowerSwitch A2
Ansuz PowerSwitch A2
1 248 000 Ft

Ansuz PowerSwitch A2

Ansuz PowerSwitch A2
The Ansuz D2 Power Switch Box look exactly like the X·TC model, but make no mistake, the step in performance from the X·TC to the D2 model is clear and easy to hear. This also applies if you compare the D2 to the A2 model. All Ansuz PowerSwitches represents each their quality level – there is a number of different noise reduction technologies at work depending on the type and extent of the intended noise cancellation – technologies that are hearable.
1 248 000 Ft
8 LAN ports
10 Low voltage outlets
Ansuz Active Cable Tesla Coils technology
Ansuz Active Square Tesla Coils technology
Ansuz Dither Circuitry technology
Designed with upgradeble external resonance control – Darkz feet
Natural-based composite material
Steel chassis
Szállitási határidő
2 hét
5 kg/db