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sHP-100 Headphone Amp/DAC

sHP-100 Headphone Amp/DAC
339 000 Ft

sHP-100 is a combined USB DAC & high performance headphone amplifier.

The unit supports USB, Coaxial, Optical and Analog line input and has headphone output as well as analog line output.

As for DAC function of the unit, there is a Line output select switch on the bottom side of the unit, you can set the analog line output to the variable line output or the fixed line output. If you set it to the variable line output, you can connect the unit to a Power-amplifier and control the analog line level by the Volume control knob on the front side of the unit. If you set to the fixed line output, you can connect the unit to a Pre-amplifier or Inti-amplifier.

As for headphone output, you can control the output by the Volume control knob on the front side of the unit, and set the output impedance of headphone by the Headphone impedance select switch on the bottom side of the unit.

Also, the unit has a 3.5mm stereo line input jack on the front panel so you can use the unit as a headphone amplifier or pre-amplifier by connecting the unit to your smart devices or portable audio player.

The unit uses the AK4113 DIR chipset from AKM for Coaxial and Optical digital input and supports 24bit/192KHz playback. For USB input, it supports 24bit/192KHz PCM and DSDx64, x128 playback through a multi core RISC processor from XMOS and also USB audio class 2.0.

All digital input sources translate via CS4398, the Flagship DAC from Cirrus Logic for analog signal and output via LME49720 & TPA6120A2 from TI which are some of the best audio OP-AMPs & headphone amps. The unit also minimizes the distortion of the audio signal by the volume control circuit using an exclusive audio variable resistor from ALPS.

For the high quality power supply, a ULNR(Ultra Low Noise Regulator) is used for the digital and analog circuit. An extremely Low Jitter Oscillator and Active Noise Canceller is used for the clock circuit, which is the most important part of the DAC module. These components have proven to make the best sound among devices at a similar level.

The unit doesn’t need an extra power supply since it can run via USB power only, but with a well built power supply for audio purpose, sPS-500, it will perform better, make a much more beautiful sound, and be a visually matching system.
  • USB input
    USB specification 2.0 or higher
    USB audio class 2.0
    Support 24bit/44, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192KHz PCM playback
    Support 64x DSD, 128x DSD playback
    Native ASIO support
    Coaxial, Optical input
    Max bit-depth : 24bit
    Sampling rate : 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192KHz
    Coaxial impedance: 75Ω
    Analog input
    Maximum input voltage : 2Vrms
    3.5mm stereo jack
    Headphone output
    Maximum output voltage @ low impedance output select: 0V ~ 2.1 Vrms (± 0.1Vrms)
    High impedance output voltage gain : 4
    Output impedance : 13Ω (include headphone amplifier chip)
    THD+N : < 0.005% @ 1KHz, maximum output level
    Line output
    Fixed level output voltage : 2.7 Vrms (± 0.1Vrms)
    Variable level output voltage : Refer headphone output voltage
    Output impedance : 47Ω
    THD+N : < 0.002% @ 1KHz, maximum output level
    Indicate lamp
    Input select lamp x 4 : USB, Coaxial, Optical, Analog
    Mute indicate : Blink
    Power input
    Input voltage range : 7Vdc ~ 9Vdc
    Input current : 2A max
    Operation environment
    Operating temperature : 10℃ ~ 35℃
    Storage temperature : -10℃ ~ 50℃
    Operating & storage humidity : 10% ~ 90%
    Dimension / Weight
    106mm x 53mm x 175mm / 1kg >
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