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Oyaide MTS-4 SSE
Oyaide MTS-4 SSE
488 000 Ft

Oyaide MTS-4 SSE

Oyaide MTS-4 SSE
Oyaide MTS-4 SSE
Oyaide MTS-4 SSE
Oyaide MTS-4 SSE
Highest quality power distribution Oyaide MTS SSE - 4
The simplicity is what comes with wider use and what makes people use for a long time.
This "MTS-4e" power distribution strip is lined up as an entry model and is created by based on our long-time knowhow. Due to the employment of detachable power cord, you can enjoy trying various power cable and selecting your favorite sound character.

Dual-Spring vise structure for receptacles
The Dual-Spring vise structure is newly-developed for the contacts of our new outlet, SWD-XXX. Due to its strong holding power and 9mm wide contact area, the contacts tightly hold the inserted pins and reduce vibration at the contacts with no loss of signal transmission.

The chassis of MTS-6e is made of highly rigid stainless steel which is non-magnetic SUS 304. It protects from not only vibration but also electric-magnetic wave or external noise contermination. And all components, from 6.0mm thick contact down to stainless screws, are made of non-magnetic substance.

Audio grade solder
For the soldering connection, we employed SS-47 audio grade solder.
Compared to general solders which usually contain 3N (99.9%) pure tin, SS-47 contains 4N (99.993%) pure tin achieved by excluding impurities to the maximum. Furthermore, 4.7% silver and 1.7% copper are contained for the purpose of improvement of electric conductivity and durability.

The inlet is designed specially for MT series. The contacts are made of brass. The plating is a combination of silver (1.5μ) and rhodium (0.3μ). The body is made of 30%GF PBT.

Damping sheet
We adapted VEM 313 sheet (Visco Elastic Material) for damping material for the inside of the chassis.

internal wiring
Internal cabling made of silver (wire with a cross-section of 2.0 mm

Brass spikes
For the better separation from the floor, we specially employed accurately machined brass spikes. Although it is set to four-point support as default, three point support is also applicable according to your preference.
488 000 Ft
feature MTS-4e
# of outlets
OFC 2mm
Original SWD-XXX-E (24K gold + Palladium plating)
W 75 × H 53 × L 320
1.6mm stainless
Rated V/A
250V 10A AC