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Ansuz Mainz8 D-TC
Ansuz Mainz8 D-TC
7 800 000 Ft

Ansuz Mainz8 D-TC

Ansuz Mainz8 D-TC
Ansuz Mainz8 D·TC Power Distributor is a top mains and ground distribution unit.
It has 8 dedicated mains outlets and features the extremely low impedance star grounding system and huge amounts of our unique Sparkz and NSC technologies.
7 800 000 Ft
Best grounding in the market
Noise reduced 210/220V power supply with 8 outlets (EU or US)
Design with very good mechanical grounding
Ansuz NSC technology
Highly efficient shielding
10V or 230V power
Black lacquered composite wooden cabinet
Non-magnetic steel chassis
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