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Ansuz Mainz8 D-TC Supreme
Ansuz Mainz8 D-TC Supreme
14 040 000 Ft

Ansuz Mainz8 D-TC Supreme

Ansuz Mainz8 D-TC Supreme
The very Heart of your High-End music system – that is exactly what this power distributor is designed to be. The Mainz8 D·TC SUPREME power distributor is a further statement of the amazing innovative prowess of Ansuz audio technology. This power distributor is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art Ansuz technologies and reflects the accumulated experience that emanates from the development of all our other Ansuz audio components – SUPREME quality power distribution has invariably been at the forefront of our audio engineering endeavors.
14 040 000 Ft
Mainz8 D-TC SUPREME power distributor has 8 dedicated mains outlets and features Ansuz’s extremely low impedance star grounding system, which is a unique hallmark of all our power distributors.

The vast amount of technologies inside the new Mainz8 D-TC SUPREME power distributor accounts for the considerable gain in its weight of now 8.2 kg. We have maintained the basic design but added a number of new and outstanding functional details.
The signature feature, where the outlets are mounted sideways so that the connected cables do not spread out in all directions but can easily be arranged along the floor or behind a rack system, has become the DNA of all Ansuz power distributors.

The visual design is extremely appealing; soft lines and organic shapes will make this power distributor blend in ideally with your other audio components.
Best grounding in the market
Noise reduced 210/220V power supply with 8 outlets (EU or US)
Design with extremely good mechanical grounding
Heavily equipped with Ansuz technologies
Highly efficient shielding
10V or 230V power
Black lacquered composite wooden cabinet
Non-magnetic steel chassis
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