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Ansuz Mainz8 X-TC 3
Ansuz Mainz8 X-TC 3
699 000 Ft

Ansuz Mainz8 X-TC 3

Ansuz Mainz8 X-TC 3
Ansuz Mainz8 X-TC 3
Ansuz Mainz8 X-TC 3
Ansuz Mainz8 X-TC 3
Ansuz Mainz8 X-TC 3
Technologies and Components
Clean power supply.
The Ansuz Mainz8 power distributors have been designed with the goal of providing a very clean power supply to all Hi-Fi components of your audio system. This is mainly achieved by applying Ansuz’s groundbreaking advancements in noise reduction and resonance control. Equipped with Ansuz’s most advanced audio technologies, Mainz8 power distributors provide the lowest grounding impedance, which ensures that almost no noise is transferred from the power distributor to the individual power cables that feed the hi-fi components.
699 000 Ft
Optimizing power flow to electronics in High-end music system
Best grounding in the market
Noise reduced 210/220V power supply with 8 outlets (EU/US)
Design with very good mechanical grounding
Ansuz NSC technology
Highly efficient shielding
110V or 230V power
Composit material black lacquered cabinet
Non-magnetic steel chassis
459x150x83 mm
18,07×5,91×3,27 Inches
2,7 kg
5,9 lb
IEC C14 230/110 V
Output :
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