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Børresen M1
Børresen M1
37 600 000 Ft

Børresen M1

Børresen M1
Børresen M1
Børresen M1
Børresen M1
Børresen M1
Børresen M1
Børresen M1
Børresen M1
Small speaker – Huge soundstage
The Børresen M1 is the absolute high-end version of a loudspeaker that incorporates all the premium elements of the most innovative and advanced audio technologies that both Ansuz, Aavik and Børresen stands for. The performance of the M1 loudspeaker makes it necessary to redefine the quality of absolute high-end music reproduction.
Technologies and Components

When designing the Børresen M series loudspeakers, Børresen’ s overriding goal was to challenge existing technological constraints and pioneer into new and unorthodox realms of audio technology. This comprises the absolutely new design of loudspeaker components, finding effective ways to fight resonance and vibrations, and searching for materials that provide the ultimate properties to elevate the sound quality to unprecedented new level.
The basket – A real revolution
Zirconium, topology-optimized and 3D printed
The basket is a real revolution – it is a topology-optimized 3D-printed basket made of zirconium, which ensures maximum rigidity and thus minimum vibration and resonance.

The basket is not just a placeholder for the membrane. The energy generated by the membrane is also held by the structure behind it. The goal was therefore to eliminate the noise of the basket by designing a basket with maximum stiffness. Studies were conducted using computer-optimized finite element designs, resulting in a topology-optimized 3D-printed basket made of the exclusive material zirconium.

Børresen has not only designed a basket with extreme stiffness, but also added important factors such as tremendous internal damping and resonance control, resulting in extreme clarity in overall performance. Thanks to the 3D printing process, the cavities are filled with zirconium powder, which gives the basket additional damping properties. Zirconium is by far the best choice of material, since it allows the basket to generate an inconceivable quality of natural sound.
Magnet system – Bass/midrange
The Silver Supreme Edition in the M Series.
The patented Børresen iron-free magnetic system has been further refined. Børresen uses iron-free drivers in all its loudspeakers. Their inductance is about ten times lower than that of conventional drivers. This exceptionally low inductance has now been even further reduced to an unprecedented new minimum level – about 12 times lower than the inductance level of conventional, iron-based drivers. Here is how we achieved this: Since silver has 6-8% better conductivity than copper, we replaced the copper pole rings with in-house manufactured, handcrafted silver rings.

To take full advantage of all the performance-enhancing audio properties of the Børresen M series, all other metal components of these premium speakers also undergo cryogenic treatment. This reduces their inductance by another 6-8%.
The result is absolute musical purity. With their unadulterated authenticity of musical reproduction, these premium loudspeakers set a new and unsurpassed standard – clarity, refinement, and sound-staging at its very best.
37 600 000 Ft
Speaker & Stand:
H x W x D:
110,3 x 26 x 44 cm
H x W x D:
43,3 x 10,2 x 17,3 Inches
23,6 kg
52 lbs
H x W x D:
36,8 x 20 x 44 cm
H x W x D:
14,5 x 7,9 x 17,3 Inches
14,1 kg
31 lbs
H x W x D:
73,5 x 26 x 41,5 cm
H x W x D:
28,9 x 10,2 x 16,3 Inches
9,5 kg
20 lbs
Frequency response
40Hz – 50KHz
87 dB /1W
6 ohms
Recommended Amplifier
1 x Tweeter
Børresen planar ribbon tweeter
1 x Driver
Børresen M-series iron free bass/midrange driver: 4.5 inches
Black piano lacquer
Szállitási határidő
4 hét
60 kg/pár