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Signal Projects Filtron CX

Signal Projects Filtron CX
1 899 000 Ft

A brand new 7-socket power line filter, with a fully isolated, ultra low noise and ultra high efficiency circuit, for the optimum protection and maximum performance of any type of audio and video devices.


Power Inputs & Outputs

Filtron is a 7-outlet (EU, UK, US, AU) power distribution device for advanced audio and video electronic components. In all versions of Filtron, the output and input sockets of the unit are custom upgraded in our lab, in order to comply with the voltage and current requirements of our circuits.

Power Line Filter

The unit contains an ultra high efficiency and ultra low leakage 30A (for CX version) or 40A (for CSG version) power line filter, which is providing excellent protection against Electro-Magnetic and Radio Frequency Interferences.

Ultra-High Purity Copper Wiring

The internal wiring of Filtron is based on 7N copper conductors used on Signal Projects Andromeda power cables. The exceptional characteristics of our power conductors provide significantly increased conductivity and thus the lowest possible propagation delay between the internal components of the unit. This is helping Filtron to perform with impressive clarity, with superb neutrality and excellent balance beyond the limits of audible frequencies, and in the same time to reveal plenty of detail from all 3 dimensions of the stage with excellent accuracy.

Solid Billet Chassis

The chassis of Filtron is made of aircraft grade solid billet aluminium in one of the most accurate CNC machines of today. The topology and the placement of the internal components have been designed and calculated by a custom made software, in a way to provide the optimum shielding and the maximum protection against magnetically coupled and all kinds of external emitted interferences.
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