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Signal Projects Poseidon S40CX

Signal Projects Poseidon S40CX
4 500 000 Ft

A fully isolated power management unit with an ultra low noise 40A power line filter with high efficiency balanced power converters with fully isolated outputs and a virtual grounding circuit.
  • Specifications.

    Hard Wiring Specifications

    Type: multi-core for CX version / hybrid for CSG version

    Cross sectional area: 1,32 mm2 (high current ), 1,02 mm2 (medium current)

    Metals: copper for CX version / copper, silver & gold for CSG

    Purity: 7N refers to copper

    Power Line Filter Specifications

    Operating Current: 40A/40oC @ 120V/60Hz or 250V/50Hz

    Maximum Leakage: 0,23mA at 120V/60Hz or 0,57mA at 250V/50Hz

    Capacitance (Line to Ground): 0,011 μF ( 0,5 MHz/0,5 VAC)

    Capacitance (Line to Line): 0,078 μF (0,5 MHz/0,5 VAC)

    Inductance: 0,43mH nominal

    Isolation Transformers Specifications

    Coil: triple varnished OFC high purity copper

    Toroidal Core: 400Hz highest grade core plates with custom refined surfaces

    Transformers' Power: 2 x 400VA for CX version / 4 x 600VA for CSG version

    Chassis Specifications

    Material: solid billet aircraft grade aluminium T8

    Dimensions: 43cm (W) x 47cm (D) x 10cm (H) without spikes / 12cm (H) with spikes

    Weight: 47Kg

    Shipping Weight & Dimensions

    Weight: 53Kg

    Dimensions: 51,5cm (W) x 57,5cm (D) x 18,3cm (H)
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