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Signal Projects Poseidon S30 CX

Signal Projects Poseidon S30 CX
3 490 000 Ft

A fully isolated power management unit with an ultra low noise 30A power line filter with high efficiency balanced power converters with fully isolated outputs and a virtual grounding circuit.


- Power Receptacle. Poseidon S30 is a 7-outlet (EU, UK, US, AU) power distribution device for advanced audio and video electronic components. In all versions of Poseidon S30, the outlets are custom upgraded in our lab, in order to comply with the voltage and current requirements of our circuits.

- Power Line Filter. The unit contains an ultra low leakage 30A power line filter against Electro-Magnetic and Radio Frequency Interferences.

- Power Isolation. The circuit of Poseidon S30 is using 2 or 4 balanced power isolation toroidal transformers (depended on customer's preferred model). Our isolation transformers are made of ultra-high purity copper coils, with 4-edge binding topology on the secondary and 400Hz toroidal core plates with custom refined surfaces. The specific "recipe" is creating a highly efficient transformer, with extreme performance and zero ringing, that is not only constraining all of the field to the core material, but is also eliminating radiation of any type of electromagnetic interferences.

Poseidon S30 provides 2, 3 or 4 balanced isolated power outputs (depended on user's preference) for pre-amplifiers, tuners, digital converters, class D amplification stages, phono stages, turntable motors and other low voltage consumption electronic devices.

- Virtual Grounding. Thanks to the exceptional design of our power toroidal transformers and the hard wiring configuration of Poseidon S30, the unit provides a high efficiency virtual grounding circuit that is able to eliminate (when connected to properly grounded power cables) all grounding problems of any system.

- Ultra-High Purity Copper Wiring. The internal wiring of Poseidon S30 is based on the 7N copper conductors used on Signal Projects Atlantis power cables. The exceptional characteristics of Atlantis power conductors provide significantly increased conductivity and thus the lowest possible propagation delay between the internal components of the unit. This is helping Poseidon S30 to perform with impressive clarity, with superb neutrality and excellent balance beyond the limits of audible frequencies, and in the same time to reveal plenty of detail and to draw the 3 dimensions of the stage with excellent accuracy.

- Solid Billet Chassis. The chassis of Poseidon S30 is made of T8 aircraft grade solid billet aluminium in one of the most accurate CNC machines of today. The topology and the placement of the internal components of Poseidon S30, has been designed and calculated by a custom made software, in a way to provide the optimum shielding and the maximum protection against magnetically coupled and all kinds of external emitted interferences.
  • Specifications.

    Hard Wiring Specifications

    Type: multi-core for CX version / hybrid for CSG version

    Cross sectional area: 4,80 mm2

    Metals: copper for CX version / copper, silver & gold for CSG

    Purity: 7N refers to copper

    Power Line Filter Specifications

    Operating Current: 30A/40oC @ 120V/60Hz or 250V/50Hz

    Maximum Leakage: 0,35mA at 120V/60Hz or 0,64mA at 250V/50Hz

    Capacitance (Line to Ground): 0,017μF ( 0,5MHz/0,5VAC)

    Capacitance (Line to Line): 0,098μF (0,5MHz/0,5VAC)

    Inductance: 0,49mH nominal

    Isolation Transformers Specifications

    Coil: triple varnished OFC high purity copper

    Toroidal Core: 400Hz highest grade core plates with custom refined surfaces

    Transformers' Power: 3 x 600VA for CX version / 3 x 800VA for CSG version

    Chassis Specifications

    Material: solid billet aircraft grade aluminium T8

    Dimensions: 43cm (W) x 47cm (D) x 8cm (H) without spikes / 10cm (H) with spikes

    Weight: 41Kg

    Shipping Weight & Dimensions

    Weight: 44Kg

    Dimensions: 51,5cm (W) x 57,5cm (D) x 16,3cm (H)
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