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Ferrum Audio Hypsos

Raktárkészlet: 2 db
Ferrum Audio Hypsos
  • Ferrum Audio Hypsos
  • Ferrum Audio Hypsos
  • Ferrum Audio Hypsos
  • Ferrum Audio Hypsos
  • Ferrum Audio Hypsos
360 000 Ft
Akció: 339 000 Ft
Kezdete: 2021.04.10   A készlet erejéig!
HYPSOS is a hybrid power system and combines the best features of both linear and switching power supplies. HYPSOS can power many brands with a simple revolution of a knob. This software based operation is unique to HYPSOS and an industry first! Apart from the ease of operation HYPSOS makes use of a smart combination of existing power sensing techniques, which again sets it apart from the pack. HYPSOS will reveal unrivalled detail and makes your existing setup perform to the max. You’ll just love it!
  • High quality DC power cords
    HYPSOS comes with one of the two high quality DC power cables fitted with a 5,5x2,5mm and a 5,5x2,1mm DC plug, to connect to the most commonly used DC inlets. Other DC plugs can be made to order.
    Power input: 110-240Vac/50-60Hz (EU/US Version)
    90 – 110Vac/50-60Hz (JP Version)IEC C14 power inlet, a fuse holder with power on/off switch plus two-stage EMI filter for low impedance load with better noise attenuation in low frequency applications
    Mains cable: US/EU/UK
    DC OUT cable: 5×2.5mm DC plug / 5×2.1mm DC plugCustom cables made to order at additional cost
    Output Voltage Range: 5-30 [V]
    Max Continuous Output Current (for V_out below 13,3V): 6 [A]
    Max Continuous Output Current (for V_out higher than 13,3V): l_out= 80[W] / DCout[V]
    Maximum Impulse Current: 9A
    Maximum Impulse Power: DC V_out*9A (270W for 30V)
    Max Continuous Output Power (for V_out below 13,3V): P_out = V_out[V] * 6[A]
    Max Continuous Output Power (for V_out higher than 13,3V): 80W
    Dimensions (without knob, feet and connectors) (W x D x H , mm / inches): 217.5 x 206.5 x 50.0 / 8.6 x 8.1 x 2.0
    Net weight (kg / lb): ~ 2,89 / ~ 6.2
    Primary winding fuse: IEC 5x20mm fuse, 3.15AT, 250V
    Secondary winding fuse: Littefuse 154004T, 4A
    Power consumption: 230VAC, 50Hz @ 12VDC out/: Idle – 6VA @ 15W load – 30,7VA @ 60W load – 98V @ 80W load – 133,9VA_
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